Dear Reader,

Welcome to my Blog.

Before i start talking about my blog let me give you a quick introduction about self.

I am  from  Mumbai city (aka …Mumbaikar), India. Been in this city from childhood so its very special for me. Love everything about this city food,people,attitude,my friends..

Few attributes about me: Honest ,blunt,emotional(U bet you would make out from my writing). To know more about me kindly check out About me Tab.

Now let me talk about my blog.!!!!

Let me admit I am a starter with no experience in writing…the idea of blogging just passed my head & here I am  writing and posting articles . If you manage to go through my articles you would come across topics like

  • 25 things that makes me happy and alive
  • Don’t cry
  • Salsa training
  • No Facebook from now

These are random selected topics which captures every emotions,thoughts,ideas of mine/friends  & of people who affect me deeply. Initially  You may find  many topics on self improvement,preaching,transformational   but I do not plan to restrict myself to one segment… I write the article as I see the situation or event and is purely my way of thinking..i do not intend to be biased but its possible I may come across a biased person & please don’t judge me after reading my articles…its just I have suddenly formed this new habit of writing and intend to be best at it..So please support me,criticize me .Your comments would make me smile and would inspire me to write well.

Hope my article helps someone in some way..if it does it would make me really happy.

So guys enjoy reading my blog and keep commenting!!! God Bless.


Sundari Rudra (SR)


3 Responses to About

  1. Great job starting a blog. Best of luck to you!

  2. hey sundari baby its nice to read ur lovely blogs….keep going girl….

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