About Me.

Hey Friends,

My name is Sundari Rudra. By Profession i am in the field of Sales and Account management( INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)

About me

  • I am a mumbaikar by birth staying with my parents.
  •  By Qualification i am an MBA in Marketing and operations. I believe in having a simple life ,without harming anyone and trying to help people around me .
  • I work as a freelancer in financial planning whereby i guide and help people to manage their finance,taxation .Well this is a parallel career which i am working as a parttime out of sheer interest.
  • I am an Aries (Zodiac sign) .Innocent ,independent and Ambivert.
  • I post my articles once in every 15 days as i am busy chasing my clients for orders (ha..ha)

Writing has been a conscious decision wherein i write on any random topics .Most of the topic covered would be on my personal experiences and learnings derived from such incidents,spirituality,Self improvement .

Incase if you find any of my article helpful or any suggestion you can always put me a mail on rudrasundari@gmail.com .

Hope my experiences,writings prove helpful to you and your loved ones. God bless

Sundari Rudra


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