Why Should One Blog!


Blogging is a way of capturing your thoughts and ideas and putting it on a piece of Virtual paper .One should imbibe this habit as it’s a way to tell world “I exist and you gotcha listen to me
Blogging has helped me in following ways & probably you would agree with me on following points incase you are a blogger too..

  • It helps me to think …think and think..about new topics ,about the flow of the article ,new ways of writing which would attract more audience to my blog.  So my entire energy  gets focussed on thinking and squeezing my head about what should I pen down  which would interest me & the people who browse through my blog.
  • Blogging makes me smile especially when you know there are hits, comments on a particular article from across the Globe.  It’s a great boost when you know people are reading your articles and commenting on it…
  • Blogging helps me to connect to other bloggers across the globe and come across some really well written piece of work. It motivates me to write well and be one among them.
  • It keeps you motivated and alert to write well and improve with every article & not to give up.
  • I am bit unorganized & unsystematic and blogging has made me systematic & disciplined .So you can say its a mechanism to keep you disciplined.

These are the five reasons which I could figure out why I enjoy blogging… Why you should Blog! i guess the answers lies with you to figure out..


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