What you want to do before you Die???

H mmm…the list of things I want to do before I die. ‘what do I want to do before I die ?’. ‘Things I have postponed for various reasons?’

Today morning I was watching a movie and this was the topic around which the entire movie revolved.Seeing the movie this topic crossed my mind for blogging and here I am asking questions to self

  • What are the list of things as an individual I want to do before I die.
  • List of things I m Scared  of and have postponed.

After giving in a thought I could come up to 5 things which I was always fascinated but never had the guts or time or never made an effort to make it happen.

FIVE things which I wish to do before I bid adieu.

  • I want to publish a book in India  the most talked about and entertaining for the Indian audience.


  • I have always dreamt to be an Entrepreneur.I want to own a company with an employee strength of 100+with a track of 100% profit year on year.



  • I want to explore India.. I have been in India but haven’t explored India till now.  I want to explore all the places in India starting from North of India to South.


  • Scuba diving looks interesting. I want to see life under Sea. Since I am dead scared of water but want to face the fear and get deep down the Sea.

I want to make my existence worth living for Self and for others. Lemme ask you this question



About Sundari Rudra Manivannan

Hey Friends, This is Sundari ..You may find it difficult to pronounce my name but its one of the coolest name that my parents have given me... (Best way to read my name is SUN ..DARI ...haha).To understand more about my name it signifies Beauty and also one of the Goddess name in South of India. Have recently started writing with the intention that my writings proves helpful to people/readers who are reading my article. I am Beginner so would require maximum support/feedback in order for me to grow ..So keep reading and criticism are always welcome. Incase if you want to get in touch with me you can put me a mail on rudrasundari@gmail.com . Hope my experiences,writings prove helpful to you and your loved ones. God bless Regards Sundari Rudra Website:sundari0804.worpress.co.
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