What you want to do before you Die???

H mmm…the list of things I want to do before I die. ‘what do I want to do before I die ?’. ‘Things I have postponed for various reasons?’

Today morning I was watching a movie and this was the topic around which the entire movie revolved.Seeing the movie this topic crossed my mind for blogging and here I am asking questions to self

  • What are the list of things as an individual I want to do before I die.
  • List of things I m Scared  of and have postponed.

After giving in a thought I could come up to 5 things which I was always fascinated but never had the guts or time or never made an effort to make it happen.

FIVE things which I wish to do before I bid adieu.

  • I want to publish a book in India  the most talked about and entertaining for the Indian audience.


  • I have always dreamt to be an Entrepreneur.I want to own a company with an employee strength of 100+with a track of 100% profit year on year.



  • I want to explore India.. I have been in India but haven’t explored India till now.  I want to explore all the places in India starting from North of India to South.


  • Scuba diving looks interesting. I want to see life under Sea. Since I am dead scared of water but want to face the fear and get deep down the Sea.

I want to make my existence worth living for Self and for others. Lemme ask you this question


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