Its been more than a weeks time I have restricted myself from accessing FB.. Trust me it’s the most difficult task to restrict yourself from accessing FB. I pray to God everyday  by saying following lines to him

“ GOD ….No more FB please….Please God please give me Strength and courage …Please,Please & Please…”

For Seven days this prayer has worked…. (I think even I have convinced GOD that I am trying hard…haha…)

80% of my time last year I have spent on FB where I am doing only following activity

  • People I never spoke nicely in my school days I am busy adding them on my FB friends list
  • I am busy liking some photos or comment which is been set on FB status by some friend of mine.
  • I wish people on FB on their Birthdays, Anniversaries  and forget to call them and wish them personally…
  • I am busy fighting with people on some weird topic (Mind you that too on FB)
  • Posting some weird quote on my FB status  which I don’t believe personally ..haha….

I mean why is it so important for me to know what is happening in other people life and for that matter telling people what is happening in my life to the world other than friends and family…

Hey !! that does not means I don’t care but I feel I am loosing on the personal touch… and just living a virtual life in this virtual world of FB….

I am not pessimistic but its only that I have addicted to this beautiful networking site and finding ways to come out of this addiction….

Several method I have tried to come out of this habit.

  1. Temporarily disconnected my FB accounts…Phew!!! Thought it will work but trust me it doesn’t…there is  a chatter which always goes on in your mind…. Shilpa must have commented on my message, Nikita must have added some snap….people will think how boring I am !!! haha. Every time I have disconnected my account I end up restoring the same on the next day.
  2. Have kept myself busy on some professional networking site as I find it worth spending my time on professional network .
  3. Have deliberately started writing articles on word press …Writing articles keeps your mind occupied and you are busy thinking about the ways to improve your writing…
  4. Promising self and promising my dearest sister that “ I WONT ACCESS FB” .Some time your undying love for your sibling helps you to meet the goals you have set for yourself i.e “NOT TO ACCESS FB” (lol)
  5. Have started reading Business magazine, good write-up and is busy watching Business News.

I am trying hard  by imbibing above qualities to come out of this not so happening habit and must say have partially succeeded.

I hope I succeed in my  Mission or at least improve to a extend where I access social networking site to minimal…i.e 5-10% for a year.

Definitely would keep you guys posted on the last result….i.e did I succeed in my Mission “ PROMISE!!!! I WONT ACCESS FB”


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2 Responses to PROMISE!!!! I WONT ACCESS FB.

  1. Hi Sundari,
    Looks like you’re staying true to your promise! Was surprised when I couldn’t find u on my FB friends list. Ws thinking of asking Sneha Shetty, when I thought I’ll visit your blog and drop in a line. Its nice 🙂

    Shreeja N(Hope u remember me)

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