SALSA ..One & Two….!!!!

Dancing & music has always kept me going from childhood.Any peppy number on Television or some loud music played during functions would make me go crazy…haha…their have been times where my friends would literally laugh at me…but who cared who was laughing or judging me as i was busy dancing on the bhangra number.

Punjabi Pop, Gujarati style or our famous Ganpati visarajan dance (random step performed during Ganpati visarjan) any number played and i am ready to dance.. Their has been one form of dance very classy and polished which i have been planning to learn from quite sometime…especially after watching latest kareena movie where she performs some jive step couldnot stop and had to enrol myself for Salsa and Jive classes..

So here i am all ready for my classes on Day 1 …the class is full packed with some nice faces around .young student,people of my age …married couple ,old couple (their is no age barrier to learn …Bravo!!!!

So our instructor starts the session by giving brief introduction about him and his team and various stages of the dancing lesson…I was amazed to know that their are 4 stages in the basic classes and 15 stages in the advance form .Gosh …15 stages …are you kidding me…will i remember everything when i finish my classes (haha i was busy talking to myself as i have this weird habit to talk to myself ) ..well will talk about this habit in some other article as my bosses and colleagues were always irritated because of this habit of mine. So coming back to salsa…the day 1 was more from basic introduction and the attire that one needs to wear and footwear that one needs to carry with themself. So Day 1 ends with some basic steps .

Day 2: So we enter day 2 where we are suppose to choose a partner and dance…”oh gosh… forgot this dance form is a couple dance so i need to find a partner “(again talking to myself ) but finally i find a cute looking guy in the class and to my surprise i managed to convince him to be my partner for salsa classes …( as if he had any other options) .

So we start with basic leg step with slight body movement ( go 1..2…3..4 and 5..6…7…8).. uff.. i stepped his leg and the cute looking boy suddenly becomes angry man … and words which i hear from him Madam!!!…Please concentrate …haah….relief (this time got saved…being a girl you always get benefit of doubt ha..haa) .

Slightly the dance becomes difficult as their are twist involved and some minute details which needs to be understood..

One interesting thing about salsa is the dance is completely driven by Male partner and i am like not again??why guys always have to lead!!!!ufff…

So out of curiosity i just uttered ..why guys have to lead???? and my instructor starts laughing and seeing him laughing the entire class laughs ….hahaaaaaa…

So his answer goes this way this dance form is completely driven by Male partner .They would lead and the opposite partner has to just follow (So girls life is simpler if you are not that good dancer…)

Dancing has been simple till now but what i understand that it would get difficult in future classes…so more 2 months to go…so more fun…more mistakes…more questions… i am enjoying it .

Would definitely post a video once i complete learning my dancing .Meanwhile you guys enjoy and if any hidden desire to learn dancing …better you start learning because trust me its fun….


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