Dont Cry .

Dont Cry .

Being fooled by someone? Smile…. Have a Big Smile on your face and celebrate your foolishness…
This article is for you guys & gals who have been fooled at some point of time in your life by some weird Jerks. And you are angry on yourself for allowing such events to happen to you.

Being fooled and to deal with such feeling is not easy .Instead of feeling bad about such events you got to pat yourself and smile at yourself. Every human being makes mistake and incase you come across someone saying that they haven’t made any mistake then they are actually fooling themselves. It’s completely fine to make mistake but you got to correct the same immediately and feel nice about it instead of feeling sad or low.

Are you the one?

1) Fooled by your BF/GF /Husband /Wife
2) Fooled by friends, relatives…
3) Or someone whom you completely trusted..

You need to understand the impact that it had on you physically, mentally and emotionally accordingly handle it. Instead of feeling bad you can try following listed methods for releasing the negativity. The idea is don’t dwell on any negative feelings.

Few Tips that would make you feel good (tried and tested method… Lol)

• If it’s the case of fooling emotionally ensure you don’t leave that person. You need to give them a good peace of mind …ensure that you vent out your frustration by shouting ,yelling, writing a mail (normally I write sweet mails in a funny format to ensure the message is read and understood correctly )…& after doing the same feel good about the same and don’t feel sorry. Don’t worry about opposite persons reaction as it’s not your business to think as to what other person is thinking about you as you need to tell yourself that they are not important to you and their existence or absence doesn’t affect you at all.
• To get out of the weird feeling that you are carrying with you there is one way you can remove it from your system…Write it on a piece of paper and burn it ..(Have you watched the movie Jab we met…the strategy works trust me)
•Feel good about yourself that you came across such incident and learnt from it. So this would ensure you would not make the same mistake again. Making mistakes and learning from such mistakes makes your wiser and smarter.
•Feel good about yourself by acknowledging the fact that you had the courage to admit your mistake openly. Also one needs to understand that a mistake happens unknowingly due to lack of information or immaturity. So do not blame yourself for your mistakes solely.
•Instead of feeling low you need to tell yourself that “To Err is Human but failing to learn from your mistakes is something not acceptable.”

So guys and gals enjoy every moment, don’t worry for people who do not care for you as they do not deserve to be cared, speak your mind and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.
Charlie Chaplin

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  1. nice effort to convey your messg

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