No Regret ..Take a chance..

Do you ever regret for things that you have done in past for any reasons . Do you ponder over questions like :-

Q. Hey why didn’t i think before saying or writing?

Q.Why didnt i tell my idea to my boss or

Q.why didnt i speak up in the conference? Huh…

There will be many such questions in life which will bother you if you don’t tackle such questions immediately it would keep disturbing you in future…

So dear friend the idea is better take a chance and clarify the thoughts /idea that’s there in your mind and don’t worry how other person would react on the same. You better do your part well .. Make your life simple… its your life so go..go.go

I was recently reading a post on Facebook about why complicate life .. The word goes somewhat this way …

“If you like somebody ..say it,

if you miss somebody call them

if you don’t like something –say it

Want something –Ask for it”

Nobody knows whats going in your head so instead of expecting its better to express it…its only one life keep it simple

In the process if somebody gets hurt,or laughs at you or finds you weird you need to understand that they are doing their part so don’t worry about them…and take a chill pill . Enjoy life ,laugh ,and make most of it… Always take a chance in life so when you breathe your last you know that you lived your life on your own terms and with No regrets

Never regret. If its good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.

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