25 things that makes me feel Happy & alive.


                                                                                                                                                         ”  It’s your life, your one and only life-so take excellence very personally.”

Life is really beautiful. Since it is short you got to enjoy every moment, every second. I love my life and want to make most of it.
There would be a time where you would feel unmotivated ,hurt and would start questioning your existence on this world. You would ask questions like why me? I hate my life? I am frustrated with my life?

If these are the questions that’s hitting your head it’s time to tell yourself that you are the best and only deserve the best things in your life.

You need to
• Count your blessing and be happy because your happiness is in your hand.
• Happiness and contentment should be felt from within and should not be dependent on any individual or situation.
• It’s your life and you should know the list of things that makes you feel happy.

  “The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well-Pierre de Courbertin”

• List down 25-50 things that makes you feel happy. Trust me once you start noting down you realise you haven’t thought what makes you feel really happy. I tried jotting 25 things that makes me feel happy.

It’s a lovely exercise and would always remind you that you are the best and you got to treasure yourself. So here i start 25 things that makes me feel happy.:)


  1.  I love to Laugh .Laughing makes me feel light. I laugh my heart out when I am not in office (ha..ha) . Laughter releases all the unwanted energies which is trapped inside me and finding ways to get released from my body.
  2. I Love to dream. Dreaming about my future as a successful entrepreneur gives me a boost to be active every day, every moment..
  3. I am a big fan of Ekta kapoor. I enjoy watching Melodrama serials ( Saas Bahu type of Tele serials) . There was a time when i used to watch 6 -7 Ekta kapoor Tele -serials back to back and cry my heart out when Mihir died in kyunki Saas, when Prerna was forced to marry Mr.Bajaj in Kasauti ,when Kusum was cheated by Abhay, when Jassi leaves Arman in Jassi Jaisi koi nahin.(he..he)
  4.  I enjoy dancing …I am not a professional dancer but any peppy number would makes me go ga..ga . I am often teased by my friends for this quality of mine. I actually cannot stop myself and have to dance on Bollywood numbers, Bhangara style, Hip hop…dhol masti…
  5. I love talking over phone. I can talk nonstop cribbing about my problems over phone ,without getting tired and talking the same non sense every day without making any sense…
  6. I Love to shop .Shopping is my best stress reliever. When I am depressed or feeling low I normally land in any Mall and is busy swiping credit card.(Lol)
  7.  Reading makes me feel good. I don’t enjoy fiction but yes some good transformational books or books from authors like Chetan Bhagat makes me feel great. I love to read books on Astrology,Psychic Power ,Tarot reading.
  8.  I Love to question God & Universe. Luckily in my case I get my answers too from them.
  9.  I Love to Cook. Cooking food when Mom is outstation makes me feel great, responsible. I am well versed with all basic nutritious food like Rice, Sambhar, Rasam, Pavbhaji, Aloo partha.
    But presently planning to master my cooking and learn different cuisines .
  10.  I love to look Presentable. I spend a good amount of money on Personal grooming as my profession requires me to look good.
  11. I am a religious person. I love praying, offering puja, reciting mantras. Presently I am planning to learn some powerful mantras too….but I am scared of the pronunciation as it is said any mantra wrongly recited as a negative effect. I enjoy going to temple early in the morning. I love the sound of temple bell, Pujari reciting mantras….
  12. I normally prepare a list of to do list. Presently there are around 10 items which i have been planning to learn from last 2 years(lol)…swimming tops the list but i am dead scared of swimming as the chlorine water would make my skin look dull.
  13. I love to party with my close trusted friends. Though I am not a party animal but once in a while dancing releases my stress…stress….
  14.  I love my Profession. I enjoy connecting with people, being busy, learning technology, generating revenue.
  15. I am very adventurous…don’t take it in literal sense. Adventurous means experimenting various career options. Recently I am working on building a parallel career in Finance because I find a lot of value in this particular profession .Have worked on various permutation and combination to make things happen for this new career.
  16. I enjoy knowing about energy or exploring about Life after death. Presently reading book on how to release your psychic potential .It a must read for everyone who feels they would like to help mankind by practising these skills. Since I cannot practise it due to time constraint I am content reading books and talking to spiritual gurus.
  17. I admire and respect people who are by their own and self-made. People who are always on their toes and positive gives me lot of inspiration.
  18. Though I do not have a good appetite for food but eating yummy food and dreaming about yummy food makes me feel good…
  19.  I am fond of watching movies with my friends /my Mom. A good movie with good message makes me feel happy. Romantic movie, movie with strong subject makes me going.
  20.  I am fond of honest people. Not being honest and straightforward irritates me and once I lose my trust on anyone will never trust that person for life… so be careful before breaking my trust.
  21.  I always try to work on my negative qualities and try to be nice with people I meet. By nature I am bit hyper and short-tempered .But once I realise my mistake I take all the effort to say sorry.
  22.  I love people who are sensible, humorous .Caring and sensible people enjoy my attention (lol)
  23.  I love to upgrade myself every moment, every second. I have made a list of things i would like to do..Dancing, swimming, loosing weight, cooking, driving, Meditation, scuba diving..he..he .Making a list makes me feel alive.
  24.  I love beaches. Nature at its best . When I am on beaches i connect myself to nature very well.The breeze, the warmth makes me feel really great.
  25. I appreciate beauty in any form . I feel beauty is gifted by god and it needs to be Appreciated,Respected and Treasured.

So these are 25 things that make me feel great, alive. I hope and wish I could add more 25 things by my next article .So need to explore more people, more opportunities, face new challenges. So that’s life.

So you guys prepare your list and see what difference you can make for yourself and for people around you. 🙂


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3 Responses to 25 things that makes me feel Happy & alive.

  1. Sundari, v well written about your self. I agree to all that you have written, but the point no.18 is little lie. You have admitted to have a less appetite for food……i can bet that you have a v good appetite for food. Just a small correction….he he he he. But v nice article

  2. sundari0804 says:

    ha..ha praddy…im sure their are many more comments expected….i think just on the way…rat ,rashu …waiting….

  3. Rashmi Nair says:

    Gr8 blog Sundari…you have a amazing ability to put your thoughts on paper…really nice…keep blogging 🙂

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