Happy New Year

A New Year with lot of new hopes,goals,ambitions,dreams ..

Time for New Start ….

Looking back, a year just gone in a blink of an eye .Been a year, where had an opportunity to meet some fantastic people, loosing people due to pandemic ,lockdown,helping my little one with her online studies & many more ….

More then anything got to know about self which was forgotten somewhere in the fast paced life.

So bidding goodbye to 2021 .Thanks

Wecloming New Year 2022 with lot of hopes & excitment.

This year a Resolution made to self to be ” More” in what ever is decided.

  1. More focussed
  2. More Ambitious
  3. Juggling Multiple role

With lot of hopes looking for a fantastic 2022!

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Gratitude –

Be thankful for what you have;you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have you will never,ever have enough” -Oprah winfrey.

From last 5 month or so i have started acknowledging and appreciating things around me by way of writing down the Gratitude in my Journal.

Once you start Journaling you realize that how blessed you are and how small things which was never noticed or was taken for granted are contributing a significant role in your life.

“Being Grateful does not mean that everything is necessarily good. It just means that you can accept it as a gift”.

You can thank almost anything ; Person,Place,Animal or Thing,your Past,Present and Visualise a better you ,Better relationship, Good health, Promising future .

Once you start counting how blessed you are you will benefit by being more content,compassionate,and you tend to attract right things in life.

So to conclude i would like to say Big Thank you for Stopping by and reading the content. Thanks once again for your time invested.

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Some moments are precious and I am very sure you would agree that such memories are Priceless. Memories that makes you cry of joy ,memories of laughter, Sadness, experiences.

Today when sipping a cup of evening tea and watching my girl doing her home assignment i went back to my memory lane 5 years back ….when this little girl was born and me lying on the surgery table unconscious due to anesthesia but still could hear the first cry which was so loud that still lingers my memory

The flashback of my journey of Motherhood-9 month of carrying my girl, extended support from my bosses ,my travel to office and way back home, effort by my husband , baby shower ceremony and then my travel to my parents place for my delivery so many things happened and all looked so simple .

I still remember all the sleepless nights for feeding and cleaning my girl, vaccination days and to & fro visit to the pediatrician.

Your first smile, your milestones- your first crawl, you trying to sit, stand ,walk ..

Your longing eyes searching for me & standing near the door at 6 clock when i went to office …your smile when i returned back home .. your tantrums…

My precious you! Thank you..

As we walk the journey together hope to create more memories and more Flashbacks!!!!

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Few Random clicks -My Kitchen Garden

Wishing all a very Happy & prosperous New Year!!

After a very long gap of writing on WordPress, this is the first post which i thought would be apt to start with.:)

Its a Small Garden maintained by Me & my MIL on the Second floor of Our Terrace house. You will find Plants of Chillis,Tusli (Basil),Bitter Gourd,Tomatoes,Papaya’s & Drumstick . Its fun seeing it grow,& grow every day…:)

Just a beginner will share the pictures as things progresses…

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Why Should One Blog!


Blogging is a way of capturing your thoughts and ideas and putting it on a piece of Virtual paper .One should imbibe this habit as it’s a way to tell world “I exist and you gotcha listen to me
Blogging has helped me in following ways & probably you would agree with me on following points incase you are a blogger too..

  • It helps me to think …think and think..about new topics ,about the flow of the article ,new ways of writing which would attract more audience to my blog.  So my entire energy  gets focussed on thinking and squeezing my head about what should I pen down  which would interest me & the people who browse through my blog.
  • Blogging makes me smile especially when you know there are hits, comments on a particular article from across the Globe.  It’s a great boost when you know people are reading your articles and commenting on it…
  • Blogging helps me to connect to other bloggers across the globe and come across some really well written piece of work. It motivates me to write well and be one among them.
  • It keeps you motivated and alert to write well and improve with every article & not to give up.
  • I am bit unorganized & unsystematic and blogging has made me systematic & disciplined .So you can say its a mechanism to keep you disciplined.

These are the five reasons which I could figure out why I enjoy blogging… Why you should Blog! i guess the answers lies with you to figure out..


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Seeking Forgiveness!!!

“I am Sad today…so am I

I seek for forgiveness my Lord

Forgive me for being unkind

Please pardon me for being unreasonable

I seek forgiveness for my immaturity

Forgive me for hurting your child.

I Seek for forgiveness my Lord

With A promise to self and you

I will not Hurt you in any form”


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What you want to do before you Die???

Continue reading

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Beautiful Quote.

ImageNo Situation is ever lost if we can take away from it some lessons that will help Grow & become a better person. Regardless of how negative a scenario may appear their is always a hidden gift in the form of a lesson.SO FIND THE LESSONS

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Its been more than a weeks time I have restricted myself from accessing FB.. Trust me it’s the most difficult task to restrict yourself from accessing FB. I pray to God everyday  by saying following lines to him

“ GOD ….No more FB please….Please God please give me Strength and courage …Please,Please & Please…”

For Seven days this prayer has worked…. (I think even I have convinced GOD that I am trying hard…haha…)

80% of my time last year I have spent on FB where I am doing only following activity

  • People I never spoke nicely in my school days I am busy adding them on my FB friends list
  • I am busy liking some photos or comment which is been set on FB status by some friend of mine.
  • I wish people on FB on their Birthdays, Anniversaries  and forget to call them and wish them personally…
  • I am busy fighting with people on some weird topic (Mind you that too on FB)
  • Posting some weird quote on my FB status  which I don’t believe personally ..haha….

I mean why is it so important for me to know what is happening in other people life and for that matter telling people what is happening in my life to the world other than friends and family…

Hey !! that does not means I don’t care but I feel I am loosing on the personal touch… and just living a virtual life in this virtual world of FB….

I am not pessimistic but its only that I have addicted to this beautiful networking site and finding ways to come out of this addiction….

Several method I have tried to come out of this habit.

  1. Temporarily disconnected my FB accounts…Phew!!! Thought it will work but trust me it doesn’t…there is  a chatter which always goes on in your mind…. Shilpa must have commented on my message, Nikita must have added some snap….people will think how boring I am !!! haha. Every time I have disconnected my account I end up restoring the same on the next day.
  2. Have kept myself busy on some professional networking site as I find it worth spending my time on professional network .
  3. Have deliberately started writing articles on word press …Writing articles keeps your mind occupied and you are busy thinking about the ways to improve your writing…
  4. Promising self and promising my dearest sister that “ I WONT ACCESS FB” .Some time your undying love for your sibling helps you to meet the goals you have set for yourself i.e “NOT TO ACCESS FB” (lol)
  5. Have started reading Business magazine, good write-up and is busy watching Business News.

I am trying hard  by imbibing above qualities to come out of this not so happening habit and must say have partially succeeded.

I hope I succeed in my  Mission or at least improve to a extend where I access social networking site to minimal…i.e 5-10% for a year.

Definitely would keep you guys posted on the last result….i.e did I succeed in my Mission “ PROMISE!!!! I WONT ACCESS FB”


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SALSA ..One & Two….!!!!

Dancing & music has always kept me going from childhood.Any peppy number on Television or some loud music played during functions would make me go crazy…haha…their have been times where my friends would literally laugh at me…but who cared who was laughing or judging me as i was busy dancing on the bhangra number.

Punjabi Pop, Gujarati style or our famous Ganpati visarajan dance (random step performed during Ganpati visarjan) any number played and i am ready to dance.. Their has been one form of dance very classy and polished which i have been planning to learn from quite sometime…especially after watching latest kareena movie where she performs some jive step couldnot stop and had to enrol myself for Salsa and Jive classes..

So here i am all ready for my classes on Day 1 …the class is full packed with some nice faces around .young student,people of my age …married couple ,old couple (their is no age barrier to learn …Bravo!!!!

So our instructor starts the session by giving brief introduction about him and his team and various stages of the dancing lesson…I was amazed to know that their are 4 stages in the basic classes and 15 stages in the advance form .Gosh …15 stages …are you kidding me…will i remember everything when i finish my classes (haha i was busy talking to myself as i have this weird habit to talk to myself ) ..well will talk about this habit in some other article as my bosses and colleagues were always irritated because of this habit of mine. So coming back to salsa…the day 1 was more from basic introduction and the attire that one needs to wear and footwear that one needs to carry with themself. So Day 1 ends with some basic steps .

Day 2: So we enter day 2 where we are suppose to choose a partner and dance…”oh gosh… forgot this dance form is a couple dance so i need to find a partner “(again talking to myself ) but finally i find a cute looking guy in the class and to my surprise i managed to convince him to be my partner for salsa classes …( as if he had any other options) .

So we start with basic leg step with slight body movement ( go 1..2…3..4 and 5..6…7…8).. uff.. i stepped his leg and the cute looking boy suddenly becomes angry man … and words which i hear from him Madam!!!…Please concentrate …haah….relief (this time got saved…being a girl you always get benefit of doubt ha..haa) .

Slightly the dance becomes difficult as their are twist involved and some minute details which needs to be understood..

One interesting thing about salsa is the dance is completely driven by Male partner and i am like not again??why guys always have to lead!!!!ufff…

So out of curiosity i just uttered ..why guys have to lead???? and my instructor starts laughing and seeing him laughing the entire class laughs ….hahaaaaaa…

So his answer goes this way this dance form is completely driven by Male partner .They would lead and the opposite partner has to just follow (So girls life is simpler if you are not that good dancer…)

Dancing has been simple till now but what i understand that it would get difficult in future classes…so more 2 months to go…so more fun…more mistakes…more questions… i am enjoying it .

Would definitely post a video once i complete learning my dancing .Meanwhile you guys enjoy and if any hidden desire to learn dancing …better you start learning because trust me its fun….


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