Why Should One Blog!


Blogging is a way of capturing your thoughts and ideas and putting it on a piece of Virtual paper .One should imbibe this habit as it’s a way to tell world “I exist and you gotcha listen to me
Blogging has helped me in following ways & probably you would agree with me on following points incase you are a blogger too..

  • It helps me to think …think and think..about new topics ,about the flow of the article ,new ways of writing which would attract more audience to my blog.  So my entire energy  gets focussed on thinking and squeezing my head about what should I pen down  which would interest me & the people who browse through my blog.
  • Blogging makes me smile especially when you know there are hits, comments on a particular article from across the Globe.  It’s a great boost when you know people are reading your articles and commenting on it…
  • Blogging helps me to connect to other bloggers across the globe and come across some really well written piece of work. It motivates me to write well and be one among them.
  • It keeps you motivated and alert to write well and improve with every article & not to give up.
  • I am bit unorganized & unsystematic and blogging has made me systematic & disciplined .So you can say its a mechanism to keep you disciplined.

These are the five reasons which I could figure out why I enjoy blogging… Why you should Blog! i guess the answers lies with you to figure out..


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Seeking Forgiveness!!!

“I am Sad today…so am I

I seek for forgiveness my Lord

Forgive me for being unkind

Please pardon me for being unreasonable

I seek forgiveness for my immaturity

Forgive me for hurting your child.

I Seek for forgiveness my Lord

With A promise to self and you

I will not Hurt you in any form”


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What you want to do before you Die???

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Beautiful Quote.

ImageNo Situation is ever lost if we can take away from it some lessons that will help Grow & become a better person. Regardless of how negative a scenario may appear their is always a hidden gift in the form of a lesson.SO FIND THE LESSONS

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Its been more than a weeks time I have restricted myself from accessing FB.. Trust me it’s the most difficult task to restrict yourself from accessing FB. I pray to God everyday  by saying following lines to him

“ GOD ….No more FB please….Please God please give me Strength and courage …Please,Please & Please…”

For Seven days this prayer has worked…. (I think even I have convinced GOD that I am trying hard…haha…)

80% of my time last year I have spent on FB where I am doing only following activity

  • People I never spoke nicely in my school days I am busy adding them on my FB friends list
  • I am busy liking some photos or comment which is been set on FB status by some friend of mine.
  • I wish people on FB on their Birthdays, Anniversaries  and forget to call them and wish them personally…
  • I am busy fighting with people on some weird topic (Mind you that too on FB)
  • Posting some weird quote on my FB status  which I don’t believe personally ..haha….

I mean why is it so important for me to know what is happening in other people life and for that matter telling people what is happening in my life to the world other than friends and family…

Hey !! that does not means I don’t care but I feel I am loosing on the personal touch… and just living a virtual life in this virtual world of FB….

I am not pessimistic but its only that I have addicted to this beautiful networking site and finding ways to come out of this addiction….

Several method I have tried to come out of this habit.

  1. Temporarily disconnected my FB accounts…Phew!!! Thought it will work but trust me it doesn’t…there is  a chatter which always goes on in your mind…. Shilpa must have commented on my message, Nikita must have added some snap….people will think how boring I am !!! haha. Every time I have disconnected my account I end up restoring the same on the next day.
  2. Have kept myself busy on some professional networking site as I find it worth spending my time on professional network .
  3. Have deliberately started writing articles on word press …Writing articles keeps your mind occupied and you are busy thinking about the ways to improve your writing…
  4. Promising self and promising my dearest sister that “ I WONT ACCESS FB” .Some time your undying love for your sibling helps you to meet the goals you have set for yourself i.e “NOT TO ACCESS FB” (lol)
  5. Have started reading Business magazine, good write-up and is busy watching Business News.

I am trying hard  by imbibing above qualities to come out of this not so happening habit and must say have partially succeeded.

I hope I succeed in my  Mission or at least improve to a extend where I access social networking site to minimal…i.e 5-10% for a year.

Definitely would keep you guys posted on the last result….i.e did I succeed in my Mission “ PROMISE!!!! I WONT ACCESS FB”


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SALSA ..One & Two….!!!!

Dancing & music has always kept me going from childhood.Any peppy number on Television or some loud music played during functions would make me go crazy…haha…their have been times where my friends would literally laugh at me…but who cared who was laughing or judging me as i was busy dancing on the bhangra number.

Punjabi Pop, Gujarati style or our famous Ganpati visarajan dance (random step performed during Ganpati visarjan) any number played and i am ready to dance.. Their has been one form of dance very classy and polished which i have been planning to learn from quite sometime…especially after watching latest kareena movie where she performs some jive step couldnot stop and had to enrol myself for Salsa and Jive classes..

So here i am all ready for my classes on Day 1 …the class is full packed with some nice faces around .young student,people of my age …married couple ,old couple (their is no age barrier to learn …Bravo!!!!

So our instructor starts the session by giving brief introduction about him and his team and various stages of the dancing lesson…I was amazed to know that their are 4 stages in the basic classes and 15 stages in the advance form .Gosh …15 stages …are you kidding me…will i remember everything when i finish my classes (haha i was busy talking to myself as i have this weird habit to talk to myself ) ..well will talk about this habit in some other article as my bosses and colleagues were always irritated because of this habit of mine. So coming back to salsa…the day 1 was more from basic introduction and the attire that one needs to wear and footwear that one needs to carry with themself. So Day 1 ends with some basic steps .

Day 2: So we enter day 2 where we are suppose to choose a partner and dance…”oh gosh… forgot this dance form is a couple dance so i need to find a partner “(again talking to myself ) but finally i find a cute looking guy in the class and to my surprise i managed to convince him to be my partner for salsa classes …( as if he had any other options) .

So we start with basic leg step with slight body movement ( go 1..2…3..4 and 5..6…7…8).. uff.. i stepped his leg and the cute looking boy suddenly becomes angry man … and words which i hear from him Madam!!!…Please concentrate …haah….relief (this time got saved…being a girl you always get benefit of doubt ha..haa) .

Slightly the dance becomes difficult as their are twist involved and some minute details which needs to be understood..

One interesting thing about salsa is the dance is completely driven by Male partner and i am like not again??why guys always have to lead!!!!ufff…

So out of curiosity i just uttered ..why guys have to lead???? and my instructor starts laughing and seeing him laughing the entire class laughs ….hahaaaaaa…

So his answer goes this way this dance form is completely driven by Male partner .They would lead and the opposite partner has to just follow (So girls life is simpler if you are not that good dancer…)

Dancing has been simple till now but what i understand that it would get difficult in future classes…so more 2 months to go…so more fun…more mistakes…more questions… i am enjoying it .

Would definitely post a video once i complete learning my dancing .Meanwhile you guys enjoy and if any hidden desire to learn dancing …better you start learning because trust me its fun….


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Dont Cry .

Dont Cry .

Being fooled by someone? Smile…. Have a Big Smile on your face and celebrate your foolishness…
This article is for you guys & gals who have been fooled at some point of time in your life by some weird Jerks. And you are angry on yourself for allowing such events to happen to you.

Being fooled and to deal with such feeling is not easy .Instead of feeling bad about such events you got to pat yourself and smile at yourself. Every human being makes mistake and incase you come across someone saying that they haven’t made any mistake then they are actually fooling themselves. It’s completely fine to make mistake but you got to correct the same immediately and feel nice about it instead of feeling sad or low.

Are you the one?

1) Fooled by your BF/GF /Husband /Wife
2) Fooled by friends, relatives…
3) Or someone whom you completely trusted..

You need to understand the impact that it had on you physically, mentally and emotionally accordingly handle it. Instead of feeling bad you can try following listed methods for releasing the negativity. The idea is don’t dwell on any negative feelings.

Few Tips that would make you feel good (tried and tested method… Lol)

• If it’s the case of fooling emotionally ensure you don’t leave that person. You need to give them a good peace of mind …ensure that you vent out your frustration by shouting ,yelling, writing a mail (normally I write sweet mails in a funny format to ensure the message is read and understood correctly )…& after doing the same feel good about the same and don’t feel sorry. Don’t worry about opposite persons reaction as it’s not your business to think as to what other person is thinking about you as you need to tell yourself that they are not important to you and their existence or absence doesn’t affect you at all.
• To get out of the weird feeling that you are carrying with you there is one way you can remove it from your system…Write it on a piece of paper and burn it ..(Have you watched the movie Jab we met…the strategy works trust me)
•Feel good about yourself that you came across such incident and learnt from it. So this would ensure you would not make the same mistake again. Making mistakes and learning from such mistakes makes your wiser and smarter.
•Feel good about yourself by acknowledging the fact that you had the courage to admit your mistake openly. Also one needs to understand that a mistake happens unknowingly due to lack of information or immaturity. So do not blame yourself for your mistakes solely.
•Instead of feeling low you need to tell yourself that “To Err is Human but failing to learn from your mistakes is something not acceptable.”

So guys and gals enjoy every moment, don’t worry for people who do not care for you as they do not deserve to be cared, speak your mind and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!

Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself.
Charlie Chaplin

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No Regret ..Take a chance..

Do you ever regret for things that you have done in past for any reasons . Do you ponder over questions like :-

Q. Hey why didn’t i think before saying or writing?

Q.Why didnt i tell my idea to my boss or

Q.why didnt i speak up in the conference? Huh…

There will be many such questions in life which will bother you if you don’t tackle such questions immediately it would keep disturbing you in future…

So dear friend the idea is better take a chance and clarify the thoughts /idea that’s there in your mind and don’t worry how other person would react on the same. You better do your part well .. Make your life simple… its your life so go..go.go

I was recently reading a post on Facebook about why complicate life .. The word goes somewhat this way …

“If you like somebody ..say it,

if you miss somebody call them

if you don’t like something –say it

Want something –Ask for it”

Nobody knows whats going in your head so instead of expecting its better to express it…its only one life keep it simple

In the process if somebody gets hurt,or laughs at you or finds you weird you need to understand that they are doing their part so don’t worry about them…and take a chill pill . Enjoy life ,laugh ,and make most of it… Always take a chance in life so when you breathe your last you know that you lived your life on your own terms and with No regrets

Never regret. If its good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.

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Fantastic Slide show..

It’s a Fantastic slide show I have come across..Thought let me publish on my blog. Hope it proves helpful. enjoy!!!

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25 things that makes me feel Happy & alive.


                                                                                                                                                         ”  It’s your life, your one and only life-so take excellence very personally.”

Life is really beautiful. Since it is short you got to enjoy every moment, every second. I love my life and want to make most of it.
There would be a time where you would feel unmotivated ,hurt and would start questioning your existence on this world. You would ask questions like why me? I hate my life? I am frustrated with my life?

If these are the questions that’s hitting your head it’s time to tell yourself that you are the best and only deserve the best things in your life.

You need to
• Count your blessing and be happy because your happiness is in your hand.
• Happiness and contentment should be felt from within and should not be dependent on any individual or situation.
• It’s your life and you should know the list of things that makes you feel happy.

  “The most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well-Pierre de Courbertin”

• List down 25-50 things that makes you feel happy. Trust me once you start noting down you realise you haven’t thought what makes you feel really happy. I tried jotting 25 things that makes me feel happy.

It’s a lovely exercise and would always remind you that you are the best and you got to treasure yourself. So here i start 25 things that makes me feel happy.:)


  1.  I love to Laugh .Laughing makes me feel light. I laugh my heart out when I am not in office (ha..ha) . Laughter releases all the unwanted energies which is trapped inside me and finding ways to get released from my body.
  2. I Love to dream. Dreaming about my future as a successful entrepreneur gives me a boost to be active every day, every moment..
  3. I am a big fan of Ekta kapoor. I enjoy watching Melodrama serials ( Saas Bahu type of Tele serials) . There was a time when i used to watch 6 -7 Ekta kapoor Tele -serials back to back and cry my heart out when Mihir died in kyunki Saas, when Prerna was forced to marry Mr.Bajaj in Kasauti ,when Kusum was cheated by Abhay, when Jassi leaves Arman in Jassi Jaisi koi nahin.(he..he)
  4.  I enjoy dancing …I am not a professional dancer but any peppy number would makes me go ga..ga . I am often teased by my friends for this quality of mine. I actually cannot stop myself and have to dance on Bollywood numbers, Bhangara style, Hip hop…dhol masti…
  5. I love talking over phone. I can talk nonstop cribbing about my problems over phone ,without getting tired and talking the same non sense every day without making any sense…
  6. I Love to shop .Shopping is my best stress reliever. When I am depressed or feeling low I normally land in any Mall and is busy swiping credit card.(Lol)
  7.  Reading makes me feel good. I don’t enjoy fiction but yes some good transformational books or books from authors like Chetan Bhagat makes me feel great. I love to read books on Astrology,Psychic Power ,Tarot reading.
  8.  I Love to question God & Universe. Luckily in my case I get my answers too from them.
  9.  I Love to Cook. Cooking food when Mom is outstation makes me feel great, responsible. I am well versed with all basic nutritious food like Rice, Sambhar, Rasam, Pavbhaji, Aloo partha.
    But presently planning to master my cooking and learn different cuisines .
  10.  I love to look Presentable. I spend a good amount of money on Personal grooming as my profession requires me to look good.
  11. I am a religious person. I love praying, offering puja, reciting mantras. Presently I am planning to learn some powerful mantras too….but I am scared of the pronunciation as it is said any mantra wrongly recited as a negative effect. I enjoy going to temple early in the morning. I love the sound of temple bell, Pujari reciting mantras….
  12. I normally prepare a list of to do list. Presently there are around 10 items which i have been planning to learn from last 2 years(lol)…swimming tops the list but i am dead scared of swimming as the chlorine water would make my skin look dull.
  13. I love to party with my close trusted friends. Though I am not a party animal but once in a while dancing releases my stress…stress….
  14.  I love my Profession. I enjoy connecting with people, being busy, learning technology, generating revenue.
  15. I am very adventurous…don’t take it in literal sense. Adventurous means experimenting various career options. Recently I am working on building a parallel career in Finance because I find a lot of value in this particular profession .Have worked on various permutation and combination to make things happen for this new career.
  16. I enjoy knowing about energy or exploring about Life after death. Presently reading book on how to release your psychic potential .It a must read for everyone who feels they would like to help mankind by practising these skills. Since I cannot practise it due to time constraint I am content reading books and talking to spiritual gurus.
  17. I admire and respect people who are by their own and self-made. People who are always on their toes and positive gives me lot of inspiration.
  18. Though I do not have a good appetite for food but eating yummy food and dreaming about yummy food makes me feel good…
  19.  I am fond of watching movies with my friends /my Mom. A good movie with good message makes me feel happy. Romantic movie, movie with strong subject makes me going.
  20.  I am fond of honest people. Not being honest and straightforward irritates me and once I lose my trust on anyone will never trust that person for life… so be careful before breaking my trust.
  21.  I always try to work on my negative qualities and try to be nice with people I meet. By nature I am bit hyper and short-tempered .But once I realise my mistake I take all the effort to say sorry.
  22.  I love people who are sensible, humorous .Caring and sensible people enjoy my attention (lol)
  23.  I love to upgrade myself every moment, every second. I have made a list of things i would like to do..Dancing, swimming, loosing weight, cooking, driving, Meditation, scuba diving..he..he .Making a list makes me feel alive.
  24.  I love beaches. Nature at its best . When I am on beaches i connect myself to nature very well.The breeze, the warmth makes me feel really great.
  25. I appreciate beauty in any form . I feel beauty is gifted by god and it needs to be Appreciated,Respected and Treasured.

So these are 25 things that make me feel great, alive. I hope and wish I could add more 25 things by my next article .So need to explore more people, more opportunities, face new challenges. So that’s life.

So you guys prepare your list and see what difference you can make for yourself and for people around you. 🙂


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